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Sabda Gendam, The Power Of Mind

Ini adalah beberapa Kisah Ajaib yang dikisahkan oleh Yousaf, salah satu siswa GENDON dari Amerika.

Kisah 1 :

Report : No. ID Gendon :347
Name: Mohammad Yousaf
City: Inland Empire
Reports: Sabda Gendam , One Word mind – Connecting with bird.

**Sorry for the quality and my face. I took a nap and freshly wake up. Sorry some say I look mad, but trust me im not. I also wanted to add that im not into birds for slaving nor capturing. I believe they are so beautiful and should be free**

I came out and sat for a little and start meditating, and then I remember master mentioned to influence with animal or human. I start the camera and after holding one hand and the other with sweet water for bird. I closed my eyes and send the word “ COME, FOOD” with visualization of bird flying around then coming to come and feed.(as I herd birds singing) I even try to use verbal communication as kisses (I was trying to imitate them). Then I keep sending the Gendam words “COME,FOOD” and come to feed. I waited feeling the warmth energy around me, till I felt a warmth and heard flapping come near. And then notice one was flying around. As we were observing each other, i start radiating word” LOVE” with mind and heart till I see it fly away…

Then I looked up and didn’t want the bird to leave, so I did a verbal communication to “COME” and then send the word “PLAY” with visualizing of flying around me. And till I herd the wings again to see and feel flying close as if we were great friends. I was pleased and felt so much Unconditional Love from the environment.
Thank you master, hope upload in video section will be an acceptable demonstration of called “ Gendam Sabda” influence with Mind”

love thoughts influence Bird with word visulal oleh yousaf466

Video Source :

Kisah 2 :

Name:Mohammed Yousaf
City:Inland Empire

i was getting ready for work and i thought to meditate before i leave. i got up after meditation, i saw a big beautiful butterfly. i start connect by sending Gendam words: Love. then once i felt the energy, i send gendam words”touch” with visualization of being calm and me touching the butterfly.

As i touched it, i felt the feelings of “not knowing whats going to happen” and the butterfly flew.i try to connect with my hands as shy fly away sending gendam words: Come – land then i also sent some words as My love butterfly (with visualization of the butterfly itself and returning to me.)and then i see her turn and fly back. and as she come i send gendam word: Land. i then get close and feel energy and give love.

when i put my camera down and play some more untill her new freind come and they both go away. Gendam Key words: Play – Land – come back – land

Sensations: Energy connect as a bubble , warm, forehead tickle

Video Source :

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